Monday, September 14, 2020

A couple of Ruffs and fire update

 Got another report on the Brownlee area and birds. Geoff says he spent a month over at Brownlee and was disappointed in number of birds seen. Especially the huns.

As far as the fire is going, Many hunters might change their plans on the area. At 40% containment and almost everything north and east of highway 71 being burnt the hunting areas are going to be limited quite a bit. Most areas south and west of the road were untouched but will probably see heavy pressure this year do to the limited access.

The smoke has been heavy for the last week but the boys and I made it up high in the timber to find a few ruff grouse. Ruff's are frustrating to hunt. They are usually in the heavy brush and fly with the brush as cover. We busted quite a few that we never got shots at and the only points we had were birds that flew to the trees. I say points, but it's more like hound dogs treeing cats with the high pitched barking as the dogs look up in the trees at the birds taunting them. We did get a couple of birds that made the mistake of flying into the open and once again both dogs got to get a bird to retrieve and were happy with that.

Let's hope for some moisture and cooler weather for the dogs to be able to enjoy the upcoming season.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Woodhead fire

 Just found out today about a fire burning on the Cecil Andrus access property. It's something that some of you from out of state might take a look at. Especially if that's one of your go to locations. 

It started two days ago just before we got some heavy winds. It quickly blew into 28,000 acres. For the most part it's burning north and east of the road leading to Woodhead but has already burned some prime upland bird habitat. I've just seen a preliminary map but it looks like Grade creek and Camp creek are gone. From there it looks like it's heading toward the timber.

It's been breezy all day so I'm sure it's still causing some damage and hard to get a handle on. When I get a better map of the fire I'll try and post it if anyone wants but for now you might keep that in mind as you prepare for the hunting season.

Good Luck.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

We got the Blues

 Well we had a cool morning so we decided to try a short hunt before the next round of doctor visits. This has been time consuming and not our version of a good time but the boys and I are making the best of it. It wasn't a great day for points, in fact we didn't have any. But we bumped a couple of birds and both dogs got a retrieve and seemed happy about that. 

 Wasn't bad for a half mile jaunt. It felt good to be out walking with a gun in hand again and the dogs knew exactly what that meant for them to do. We're looking forward to chukar season and hoping we can get on the hill soon.