Friday, May 24, 2013

Bragging a little on Jake

With Riley out of commission for a while I'm going to have to rely more on Jake to entertain me. Jake and I took a good hike this morning and I have to admit to being like a kid opening presents on Christmas day. The excitement just kept coming. I took a frozen chukar and blank gun for retrieving practice and hoped Jake would put things together. After his first point on a chukar I fired the blank pistol at the flush.

He looked back and I threw the frozen chukar down the hill yelling dead bird. Just like at home he sprinted for the bird rolling down the hill. Once he got to the bird, he picked it up and sprinted back up the  hill with bird in mouth.

That was the first of over a dozen retrieves today and the first of thousands I hope. Already, at four months and ten days of age, he's pretty much got the hunting thing figured out. He had a couple more points today also but they were on birds that he almost stepped on. The only thing Jake is lacking at this time is his ability to use his nose at a distance. The only way to improve that is lot's of field work. While Riley is on the mend, Jake will be getting plenty of that.
Just a couple more pictures of my proud pup.

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Anonymous said...

Boy,that pup is coming along fast.I am amazed that he points chukars already and retrieves that well already. I think you are in good hands this fall. Riley can take his time getting well and then possibly hunt the later part of the season. So happy that you decided to get a pup when you did. What wonderful timing. Take care.