Friday, April 14, 2017

2017 spring has sprung

Although the snow is coming down today, have no fear. This year is progressing along the way it used to be. Remember the saying "April showers bring May flowers", well we're at April 14th and we've been getting plenty of showers.
 Everything is going as nature planned. The goose eggs are starting to hatch which are always the first birds to have babies in the spring.
The turkeys are doing there thing and the hens are either just starting to lay eggs or preparing their nests.
Jake even likes pointing treed turkeys.
He gives a treed turkey bark that I'm glad he doesn't do on other upland birds
but the gal knows he's no threat to her.
The rock chucks are coming out in force now and their babies are already the size of squirrels. I have to persuade Jake not to chase after these guys because where they go down in the rocks is also a good place for a rattler to be warming up.
Although I haven't seen a rattler yet, I'm sure it won't be long. Along with the paired chukars I'm seeing on our outings I'm seeing a lot more huns than in the past.
Keep the positive vibes going because I still think it's going to be a fantastic year. At best the chukars and huns are just starting to lay eggs and most won't start for another week or two. After they finish laying their eggs (hopefully up to 20 or so) they have a 24 day incubation period where the hen spends almost all of her time sitting on the eggs. By this time the weather should be warm enough for chick survival and this moist weather we are getting now will be providing plenty of green up for the insects. Unless we have cold wet weather then, we should have a boat load of birds covering the hills in September. Keep your fingers crossed.