Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb.7. 2010

Just some pictures of some February training. What a great day to be out with a couple dogs that Tucker has trained.


Steveb said...

Great pics, Larry!

larry szurgot said...

Thanks Steve. I wish I could figure out how others could share their photos on this blog. I really enjoy seeing dog photos or any hunting photo for that matter. I'm sure others are just as proud of their dogs as I am mine.

Steveb said...

That is something that I have totally failed at in the last twenty years! One of my hunting buddies has always carried a camera, but when he starts taking pictures, it takes twenty minutes and I always am annoyed with him because of it. However, after seeing all your pictures and Karl's and others on UplandIdaho, I think I have missed the boat! At least I do have some of the pictures that my friend has taken and I am now in the process of adding them to my journals. It really does help bring back the memories when good pictures are posted along with the commentary in those journals!!
Keep up the good work on this post! I have really enjoyed reading it!