Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well, the 2010 hunting season finally begun in Idaho. Because the weather was particularly cooperating I decided to try grouse hunting. I've shot a few grouse in the past, but they've been just incidentals while chukar hunting. Both days I went out were cool with a slight drizzle. The kind of days that just begs you to be outside.
The first day I went to one of my chukar spots where I had seen several blues in the past. Dakota and Riley didn't disappoint me, producing several points. Mainly chukars. There's twenty days left until the season on them opens. we saw a total of 18 blues and I believe some of them were off point but I can't say for sure because of the thick cover. All I know is that the dogs weren't moving and grouse came out of the brush presenting some good shooting. Riley loved retrieving them but Dakota wasn't quite sure he liked a bird of that size in his mouth.
On day two we decided to hit the timbered area for some ruffs. We found six throughout the day but never got a shot at one. Riley had no problem with pointing the ruffs but they were in such thick stuff that I never could get a clear shot. I had to get down on my knees to see the bird. Riley won't break point until I flush the bird so I had to throw something in and try and flush the bird. Along the way we found some blues that were more cooperative. They seem to be more obliging getting a little more room between them and the brush creating a safer shot.
All in all they were great outings. I can see where grouse hunting could get into your blood. But for me and my dogs, we'll still take chukar hunting over the grouse. This is just my personal observation, but I think grouse hunting is more of a flushing dog sport than a pointing dog.
The chukar season starts in two weeks and I hope the weather cooperates again. It's been 7 and 1/2 months since I fired a shot at a chukar and I am eagerly waiting. The time for worrying about the hatch and getting all of my equipment ready is over. The dogs are ready and I think we've done a good job of getting rid of bad habits. Grouse hunting was my pre season hunt and now I have two weeks to the chukar opener. Time to get my game face on.


Anonymous said... always crack me up...I appreciate you're outlook on the whole game.

larry szurgot said...

I cuss the dirty buggers, but guess what I'm heading out to do right now? I call it tuning up the dogs but we all know what the truth is.

Karl said...

Almost time to play

larry szurgot said...

Yes. Four more days. Sky is not going to know what to do with all those chukars and huns getting up around her. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Steveb said...

Only two days now Larry! Better get some gas in that truck!

larry szurgot said...

Truck is full, guns and vests are loaded and my dogs and me are filled with anticipation. Now it's just "feet don't fail me now."
Good luck to you Steve and I hope to see you on the mountain.