Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chuk fever

Everyone that hunts has heard or been affected by buck fever at one time or another. Buck fever is the excitement you get when you are about to shoot an animal. You loose control and sometimes the ability to even pull the trigger. Well I'm developing a bad case of the opposite, CHUK FEVER.

Chuk fever developed when a person does not get to the hills often enough with his or her canine partner. Whether it is actually hunting for birds, training on birds, conditioning or just hiking the hills where chukars frequent, these are the only way to avoid the disease. I have developed a bad case of chuk fever do to the lack of ability to do all of the above.

In the last two months I've had a shoulder operation and Riley has had a knee operation. My shoulder doesn't hinder us from walking but Riley's knee surgery does. Riley is into his fifth week post op and I finally read the papers sent home with Riley that explains post op procedures and it's going to be three more months before he is allowed to ramble the chukar hills. After reading this, I became even more infected with the chuk fever. Nights are becoming more sleepless. I'm looking for yard work to keep me entertained. I've actually even vacuumed the carpet a few times. Riley enjoys going to the vet now since that's the only place he gets to go these days.. He lies on the floor and watches me do my shoulder exercises with a strange look. I believe he is wondering why I'm doing these pussy exercises instead of taking on the hill like a real man.

Chuk fever causes a man to wander aimlessly. There seems to be no purpose in life. Not only does your dog not understand what is going on, you lose sight of reality. Guns have no meaning and you become frightened of the mountain. You can't defeat it alone. Things that used to be enjoyable seem to have no meaning. I can't even get excited about scouting for turkey because I can't get the drive without my partner. Pacing aimlessly and mowing the lawn have become my only leg exercise. Chuk fever also causes some weight gain. You deny it at firs,t but finally accept the fact when the wife asks if your ever going to wear anything but those old sweats.

Yes, I have a bad case of chuk fever. I've had buck fever before and believe me, out of the two, chuk fever is worse. For three more months I have to fight the affliction and hope that I have the fortitude to stay on course. When the time is up I hope that the mountains are kind to Riley and I and break us in gradually.

Another name for chuk fever might be "jail sentence." 


jc said...

Sounds like there are many strains of chuk fever. I have the strain that strikes the young workingman. It sounds like the case that effects the laid-up retired man is far worse, but both have the same treatment. ; )

larry szurgot said...

Yes. Thank God there is a treatment. I don't think they'd appreciate me bringing my dogs to the golf course.

Alan Howell said...

How are you and Riley doing? Haven't seen anything on your blog.Hope all is well.
Alan in Alaska