Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 spring fling

While Riley has been recovering, I have been taking some hikes up in the higher country in order to keep some conditioning. Maybe some of these pictures will help you make it through the summer and dream of a fruitful fall.

Riley gets his xrays Thursday and hopefully we'll start getting a little more time in the chukar hills. They will be short trips at first but hopefully we'll have some good reports about chukar populations.


    There was one buck and bull elk that I'm saving the pictures of for later. I'm sure they'd make your mouth water.
       This cow was chasing three small bulls away from her calf. The calf kept going back to the bulls as if to intentionally get them in trouble with mom.

 I saw loads of elk in all my walks even though I saw some wolf tracks now and than.

                   Very aggressive bull snake
           Let's not forget the upland birds including this hen with chicks following.
  There's a little proof that there are still some animals out there to be chased this fall. Riley and I are sure looking forwards to it.

I didn't get a picture, but our neatest sighting this spring was a bob cat. I've seen many over the years but this was Barb's first. She spotted it at about twenty yards crossing the trail we were on. 


jc said...

Great photos. You're getting my blood running. Griff's first week in the trailer has gone great. He'll be ready for a hunting trip or two with Uncle Larry and Aunt Barb in the fall.

larry szurgot said...

We're looking forwards to it also. I'm heading out the door right now to get Riley's knee xrays. Hopefully we'll start some short mountain rehabbing tomorrow.