Saturday, October 27, 2012

Old Farts

Usually I like to talk about my dogs and diagnose what they did right or wrong. This week I was once again impressed with the old man. Greg Munther, a friend from Montana that I met last year, joined Riley and me for three days in Oregon. Of course he had Lucy with him. Although we never hunted side by side I did get to observe his astro unit and of the three days we hunted together he outwalked me all three. I tried picking his brain as to diet, etc. but his humble response was always "I just try to keep a slow steady pace." Slow my ***. I tried to keep up with him on the trail before we split the third day and he had my lungs burning. Greg is 69 years old and covers more ground than most 30 year olds I have hunted with. Guys like him should be an inspiration to all of us. Get a good dog and chase the birds and at 69 we might be lucky enough to be in the physical shape he is in. Here's a picture of Greg and Lucy and a few of my goofy partner.


jojo said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I think I remember reading somewhere that you switched shooting from right to left handed. I suffer from cross-dominance, my left eye is stronger but I'm right handed. I'm considering switching to shooting left handed. I would really appreciate a post about how/why you made the switch.

larry szurgot said...

Thanks jojo. A post on making the switch will be up shortly. I need Barb to check my spelling and Grammar.