Friday, January 18, 2013

Cold day on the mountain

The season end is drawing near so I figured Riley and I better quit pouting about this miserable weather and just do it. Even though it was 4 degrees when we started the hunt and 11 degrees when we got back to the truck it was quite comfortable without any wind. The footing on the frozen steep hills kept me at a slow pace but I eventually got to where we wanted to be. I decided to take my camera because I've seen cougars in this area several times in past winters. Although I didn't find a cat, Riley provided plenty of entertainment, so I snapped some shots of him. Being this will be the last time out with a camera I decided to do a little photo essay of our hunt. The country going in.
It took about an hour to get across this draw and get to the area we like to hunt.
From here on it's hunting time.
I'm coming as fast as I can.
Boy Larry, you better get these.
Okay Riley, now I see them.
Nice shot big guy.
A few more points to get to.
Riley Started favoring his right leg on this pooint and retrieve.
There was a chukar that held in this brush until I almost stepped on it.
Pretty fun day.


Anonymous said...

I like that one picture"I'm coming as fast as I can" I can relate. Mays looks back at me sometimes and even issues me a couple quick barks that seem to say "hurry up Dad." Nice pictures. Riley is a special dog. Really like all the pictures Larry. Thanks.

larry szurgot said...

Thanks Alan. I've had Riley do as you say Mays does. We have a lot of quail around the house and sometimes while out doing yardwork I'll hear Riley do a quick bark. Sure enough I find him on point looking like "where have you been?"

Karl said...

Good to see that you are taking lots of's nice to see your adventures.