Sunday, August 14, 2016


Yesterday, Barb and I went to a triathlon our granddaughter, Emily was competing in. They had the Olympic event (1mile swim, 24 mile bike and 6.2 mile run) and a sprint event (500 meter swim 12 mile bike and 3 mile run).Emily competed in the Olympic event and won her age group. I was amazed at the 400 plus competitors that competed in the 90 degree plus temperatures.  

While waiting for her to cross the finish line, a chant started from the spectators and I realized they were chanting for a gentleman approaching the finish line. He was finishing the sprint course and finished with a time of 2 hours and 30 something minutes. What was impressive was the gentleman was 90 years old. After the event was over he sat at a picnic table, joking and laughing with the rest of the crowd. If I could have even finished the course I would have been laying under a mister sipping some kind of beverage. There were a few other's between 70 and 75 years old but this guy was amazing.

It seems like there is always someone out there that inspires us in every sport. He made me hope I could be like him and still chasing chukars at 90 years of age. There are a few guys here in Idaho that impress me by still chasing the chukar into their 70's. Dave in Washington is also still chasing chukar's with gusto in his 70's.

And than there is Greg Munther in Montana. We have chased the devil bird a few times together but what he does that impresses me more than anything, is he chases big game animals with a long bow and is now 72. A few years back, he got a ram in Montana with his long bow and last year he spent the season trying to get a ram in Wyoming while avoiding Grizzlies alomost every day. This year Greg is going to put his pack on his back and do another self guided hunt in Montana. He'll be chasing the rocky mountain goat.

Good luck to you Greg, and you, like the triathlon man, keep chasing your dreams while the rest of chase after you.


Anonymous said...

my self and three guys i hunt with the most are in our 70s. …we don't try to gorilla the mountains and steep stuff quite the way we used to ,but we still seem to find enough for supper.

larry szurgot said...

Thanks for posting. You guys show us that it can be a lifetime sport when you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I can see you and a liver shorthair still climbing those hills into your nineties.Others question our sanity to continue the chase but if you love bird dogs you understand the magic involved in the chase.Hope you have a great season and hope Jake gives you a break by pointing downhill every once in awhile.

Alan,May's,and Gracie Jo(the setter)

Anonymous said...

geez Larry I am blushing. Actually you are often mentioned in my comments to friends as being my inspiration. I fully expect you to be climbing the hills in your ninetys if your dog will. You taught me an important lesson.....there are chukars on every ridge if you climb high enough.

Headed to AK in a few days for 10 days of float flyfishing and will return to mtn goat country as soon as I return. The hunt should help me chase a chukar or two, hopefully with some goat sausage in my pocket.

Greg M