Friday, February 23, 2018

Not perfect dog work

It's getting that time of the year when chukar interest is at a low. Not for me. Although it's hard to get started up the hill, once I get going it's like a drug and I start wanting more. It's getting close to the end of February and Jake and I are finding lot's of birds everywhere. Almost every hun we are finding is paired but the chukar's are still bunched up. Pretty normal for this time of year. Jake is having a ball finding and pointing birds. Sometimes he does a stellar job of holding birds until I flush and sometimes not so good. I have one video from today where Jake breaks a little soon. Most good trainers would say that's a no-no, but it was good enough for me. Especially since it took me about five minutes to get down to his point and into position to start filming. The best part of this clip is where the birds flushed from. After reviewing the film if you look hard enough you can actually see a head or two. At the time Jake and I were only 25 yards apart ,so these birds are a testament to how tight these chukars may sit and how easy it might be in the early season to walk right past them when the scent is not as strong. There were about 6 more birds that took off right after this where Jake was pointing.

The next video is also one that good dog trainers will scoff at. It's a great video to show as to why you should train your pup to hold until you release him or her. I trained one dog to hold to shot and we seemed to have lost more birds. It may have been just coincidence but I have since let my boys go at the flush and know better than to take a shot in these instances. I just feel it's a lot less pressure on the dog.

I hope you enjoy these clips as much as I did walking up on them.


Troy, Rowdy and Ben said...

Thanks for keeping us in birds In the offseason!

Anonymous said...

Nice videos! I think it’s beneficial that the dog gets to the bird as soon as possible to guard against losing cripples. I don’t always see where they go down(when I hit them I might add). The dog is much more reliable then me.I like the way Jake is right on the bird in the second video. you might miss a chance to shoot due to safety but if you wait you often still get a shot off when the bird flares away. my best hunting dogs were not my best trial dogs. and vice versa. Just my experience....