Saturday, June 23, 2018

Larry's a happy man.

Things have progressed even faster and better than I thought. Although Grady has yet to point a wild bird, he has honored Jake several times and loves the smell of upland birds. It's as simple as getting him to point, than a flush followed by a shot and a thrown dead bird. A few reps of that and we'll be ready to start the season and with patience by me to only shoot pointed birds and hopefully some good shooting Grady will be on his way to being a top notch bird dog.

I put in a 2 1/2 minute video showing him honoring once and getting a little ahead of himself on another flush.

I told you about Grady first and saved the juicy stuff for the end. Our last couple of trips have come up with more young birds this early in the season than I've found in the past. Blue grouse hunters should especially be excited. Lot's more blue grouse broods than I've seen in a long time. Chukars have exceptionally large broods and every bunch I have seen has two different aged chicks. Most covey's only have one adult. There's a theory about that and I only hope it's true.

I haven't got much footage but have seen baby grouse, turkey, chukar, elk, deer and coyote so far this year. I'm still looking for some baby rough grouse, huns and quail and will passing on what I see when it happens.

I hope you enjoy this short clip and it helps get you excited for the upcoming season. Some how I'm out of touch again and you'll have to look at the upland babies of 2018 post to see the video. Sorry.



Anonymous said...

Great video Larry! Jake will have a helper this year.

Unknown said...

love your blog glad I found it. my son and I are taking a trip to the owyhee area chukar hunting in november. counting down the days

Anonymous said...

Congrats Larry! I don't make it into the hills as much as I would like these days, but in the last few weeks I have seen the insect life boom in the hills around me. This could be a great year to get a pup started - wish I was having the same journey as you this year!

Take care,

Chukarhunter50 said...

My Idaho Scouting route count completed yesterday. 14.1 chicks per hen. Chicks from 9 weeks old down to 2 weeks old. Again some areas were void of birds, or I just missed them, and other canyons were really good counts. 66 clutches observed. Very comparable to 2016. Scouting continues the next 3 weeks. Oregon is next.

Dave s said...

Chukarman, great news although you are still 11 to 12 days earlier than last year. That can make a big difference this time of year.

Dave s said...

Larry, It has been awhile since we heard from you. Love to hear the latest.