Thursday, August 9, 2018

Grady's august progress

With this super hot weather we're not getting much mountain time but the little we're getting is producing some birds. Grady knows what we're out there for and is searching hard but has yet to scent point. We've had some sight points on grouse and he has a beautiful point. He's got the retrieving down and is used to gun fire so all we have to do is put a point with a downed bird after the shot and from that point it will be just time in the field to make him a good hunting companion.

There were probably close to thirty young chukars in both of these video's all though I didn't get most of them with the camera. The few times we are getting out right now is just for an hour or so first light. The temps are still in the 60's at that time and the dog's sneeze a lot but it's better than sitting at home. The high was 107 today and supposed to be the same for the next two days so we won't be doing any training or scouting. Also we are seeing more birds from the roads than usual so if we don't burn up we're still looking real good. Huns, chukars, quail and grouse all are looking good. There are even birds in the burn.
Just a small sample of what we are seeing on the road.
They usually get off the road before I can get the camera but these chukars are pretty much a common sight this year.
Sometimes the chukar just hang out and allow some good photo opportunities                                                                                                                         
while this young quail was very interested in finding out what I was.
These birds were a later hatch
and if we get a third hatch we'll be looking at that block buster season we've been waiting for.

Grouse season opens in three weeks and chukar in just over five weeks and fire is all that can limit this season from being very good and like I mentioned if we have any kind of a late hatch it is going to be fantastic.

Hopefully by the next time I post, Grady will have pointed by scent and retrieved either a frozen shot bird or the real thing if the season is open. With this heat like it is, it's hard to imagine being on the hill with my boys but because of the generous season in Idaho I don't have to go until the weather cooperates. It's just nice to know that when it's time the birds are going to be out there.                                                                   


Chukarchaser62 said...

Thank you for the reports, brings excitement levels way up! Good reminder to keep working the old legs so they are ready for the long hikes
In chukar country.

Dave s said...

Lets all cross our fingers today. 108 and south winds. Hope somebody does not do something stupid.

Greg said...

Sounds encouraging for sure Larry.

On another note, I have been avoiding cheatgrass for the most part, but already spent some money on removing one from Oakleys eardrum....and now she is wheezing after I couldnt reach a cheatgrass awn I saw up her I am afraid by the wheezing it is in her lungs.....any tips as you must be the Master of Cheatgrass??

Troy, Rowdy and Ben said...

This segment could just as easily been titled “Larry’s camera progress”. You have become quite a live action photographer along the way my friend. Grady and Jake are gonna to smokem’ this season!

Tuckers Chukars said...

Thanks Troy, We're looking forwards to seeing you guys on the hill again this year. I wish I had the answer for you Greg. Cheat is terrible stuff. Riley had one travel through the shoulder muscles and disappear in the lung area. My vet let me watch the scope as he followed the canal the cheat made. Luckily it dissipated. Good luck with Oakley. We need some moisture to clear the dust and knock some of the cheat down.

Unknown said...

For the cheatgrass try Outfox Gear. In California we call cheatgrass foxtails, hence the name. They are located in San Francisco.