Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Summer is coming too fast.

Readers have slowed down quite a bit so I figured I'd wait until I had some fun pictures of spring birds before posting. The spring has started out fantastic for upland bird hunters. We've been seeing a lot of everything and are now awaiting the big game babies as well as the upland babies. Here's a few of the boys out there doing there job.
Let's start with some Gobbling Jakes.
                                                                 Next a strutting blue grouse.

       A ruff grouse that charged me to keep me from his ladies.
And of course the big rooster pheasant watching over his harem.     
The quail haven't completely paired up but I'm seeing plenty of them.
Although we've seen lot's of huns this year we haven't been able to catch one for a still picture.
This turkey came eye to eye with Conner and myself.
And of course there is my favorite among the upland birds.
The geese have already started hatching and pooping all over the place.
So, like I mentioned, Spring has really had a strong start with lot's of early moisture. We should have a very strong hatch but I'm not sure we'll have the big number of birds with the recent trend in our weather. It's getting warm and dry way too soon. We need moisture to keep insects coming for protein for the young birds. So keep your fingers crossed that we get some more moisture in the next couple of months.                                                                   


Larry said...

Fantastic pictures! The Blue Grouse video is very good too! I have never witnessed that. As always your pictures and video are inspiring. The avalanche danger is going away with the snow here, so I should get a hike in and see what I can see.

Randy Shepard said...

Always appreciate your posts and pictures! I see Boise has had 2.58 in May. Hope most of that came after your post. You're sure welcome to some of our rain from Iowa!

Tuckers Chukars said...

We needed most of that 2 and 1/2 inches of rain but it could slow down a little now. I appreciate the offer of some Iowa rain but from what I see on the news we couldn't begin to handle that. Maybe you can make it over this way this fall and chase some of the chukars on those high desert mountains. We're still thumbs up on a good hatch.