Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Sometimes the stars align just right.

A few weeks ago, Conner took me duck hunting, something I haven't done for more than 40 years. I was impressed with how he could turn the ducks into the decoys and as you can see we had some great success.
Last Friday night, Conner invited me to a Duck's unlimited banquet along with his mother, brother and Barbara. We had a great dinner, met lot's of good people and had a great time once again. To top it off Conner was drawn for a rifle and two shotguns in the raffles. Unbelievable. Since he is only 17, I had to do the paper work and pick the guns up at Sportsman's yesterday.
Since Conner had school, I decided to take Jake and Grady to the big pond and chase some chukars and then come back through Boise on the way home. I know tailgate pictures aren't always cool but I snapped a picture of the dogs success also.
I am a lucky guy.


Greg said...

Did Grandpa stuff the gun raffle box with tickets for Conner?

Tuckers Chukars said...

Oh Ya. But it paid off real well this time. I remember doing the same thing at RMEF banquets and some times just coming home with a full belly.

Anonymous said...

My son won an outboard and a gun at a big DU banquet 40 years ago..the top two prizes. To this day friends of mine say it was rigged even though it was not....stay away from those duck blinds...they will make you fat and lazy!! GFTn