Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Chukar numbers

It's too early to call but I just left my leg therapist and was thrilled with what she told me. Before she met me she didn't even know what a chukar was and this weekend her boyfriend took her crappie fishing over at Brownlee reservoir. It was her first time there and her boyfriend pointed out the chukars along the reservoir. Her words were that they were everywhere and lot's of babies. Neither her or her boyfriend hunt so a "lot" could mean different for her than to chukar hunters. Still it was music to my ears.

Two other chukar hunters I know said they are seeing covey's with young birds in tow in the Hell's canyon area and also along the Salmon. Both guys were very encouraged.

Another hunter has mixed feelings right now, seeing both mature groups of chukar as well as hens with little ones.

For those chukar enthusiasts, that's an early forecast of what we might be looking at. I'll be out with my camera in about 4 weeks hoping to film lot's of great things for the upcoming season. Along with some reports from other chukar hunters I hope to bring you positive proof of a great upcoming season. Keep your fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Larry, from what I know the combination of rain and cold temps can really destroy a young bird hatch. I think the only ones of the chicks that can survive 40 degrees /wet in first week are those that can be under the hen and warm from her. SO maybe two birds clutch in extreme wet and cold like you have had. For turkeys, the biologists say of any of the eggs from clutch hatch and live even fora day the hen will not renest; but if no eggs hatch from a clutch the hen turkey may try to renest up to three times with smaller numbers of eggs in each successive nest attempt.

Idaho_Brittany said...

From what I have seen I think we are going to be in good shape. I am seeing some big families of quail. Based on the limited research out there it appears that hard winters and drought have the largest impacts of upland bird populations.

Tuckers Chukars said...

Thanks for the input from both of you. Every day I'm hearing positive news about chicks on the ground and I'm excited to get out there and find some.