Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Good news to add to Saturdays post.

 Got out this morning for a very short jaunt with the boys in some hun country. Very short because my legs gave out twice making the trip a whole mile round trip. Pretty sad. But the good news is that Grady Jumped two different huns playing the wounded game. Each bird did their thing in keeping Grady chasing and away from what I'm sure was young chicks. Both times I recalled the dogs and moved away from the area. Had the chicks (if they were there) been more than ten days old they would have flushed for short a short distance with the adult bird. I've never seen a chukar or hun fake crippled when there were no chicks so I'm pretty sure they were there which adds more confidence that there are lots of late hatches out there. 

Fingers still crossed.


Greg said...

Wow, that seems late for little hun's a guy suppose to hit something that small?
Doesnt hun season open soon?

A mile hike means you will be going many miles by chukar season I feel.

Tuckers Chukars said...

Man. I hope so. Going back in Monday for some more test and hopefully one more fix. Bern a longer process than I ever expected.

Just over a month before the season opens and yes it is late. There is usually late chicks this time of year but I think this year will have a lot more than we usually see.

Hope to see you this fall.

Anonymous said...

Saw very small quail chicks so must have nested late. Haven’t been up to the hills as you know I have an issue with snakes. Glad your leg is coming along. Don’t worry if you slow down ,you can hunt with me..Appreciate the update. Pup is coming along,taking my time.
Alan,Gracie, and the pup

Anonymous said...

Do you run into snakes this time of year?

Tuckers Chukars said...

I'm sure they are out there but we very rarely see one. I see more in the month of October than any other month. They are heading back to their dens which are usually in the rocks. They move to the warmer surfaces in October while in the summer they tend to stay under cover. Those are just my observations.

During early hunting season I try to stay away from the southern rocky areas and concentrate on early morning hunts in shady draws. I don't evening hunt early because that is when you find the most snakes sunning them selves. I'm knocking on wood as I say this, but it has worked for me so far.

Idaho_Brittany said...

I was out target shooting early this morning and ran into 2 coveys of huns and one covey of quail in an area I typically don't see birds. Both hun coveys were approximately 12 birds. I still am pretty optimistic about bird numbers and at this point have to agree with what Mark said earlier that bird hunting will be decent at worst with areas that will be really good. Anybody ventured up to Brownlee recently that could provide a report?
As far as snakes go I feel like I push the limit hunting early in the season but have not had an incident with dog-snake interactions. I do however see them on the road particularly in the evening leaving my hunting spots so I know they are around. My dog will not mess with a snake but I still get worried that she will run over the top of one by accident. I always wear Turtle Skin gaiters through October just in case.

Tuckers Chukars said...

Thanks for the positive report. My reports aren't as reliable as might have been in the past because I'm doing it from a rig instead of out there humping like I should be. I'm always excited to hear from guys out there in the field.

Anonymous said...

Idaho Friends have reported to me they have seen more ratllesnakes this year than they have seen in several years. .. sent me a Video of killing two off the porch of their house and two more in a neighbors front yard. Anecdotally, in a wet year with a lot of taller grass and green cover in TEXAS snake country, the rattlers are feasting on mice that have prospered from the cover, food and moisture. In those years you find snakes all over the place due to the mice and cover. Maybe similar to Idaho this year? Was spring turkey hunting in central texas one wet tall grass year and the rattler encounters were so frequent with several close calls and we left early because of the snake issues . Gentleman from TN

Tuckers Chukars said...

Interesting. Maybe it's because I haven't been able to get out much that I haven't seen many snakes this year. The mice are everywhere. Grady is constantly out after mice in the fields since I can't get him out enough to burn energy.

Chukarhunter50 said...

I've seen more buzz snakes out scouting chukar than in past years in Idaho. and the grass is very tall and thick in most location .