Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Moving on.

 With my limited ability to adjust to new rules and changes I have decided to start a new site. For over ten years I have enjoyed posting on the blogger site and have had lot's of fun showing off my dogs and my love for chukar hunting. My inability to show video's has me starting a new blog called The Reigning Chukar Champions. Of course there is no chukar champions but in my little world I believe these two dogs have become just about the best two I have ever had. Thus the name.

I'm still working the bugs out but hopefully I'll be able to show video's easier as well as pictures. Readers should be able to post comments easier also but not pictures as of yet. I think by sending me a picture at my email I will be able to post it for you, hopefully. I'm hoping to get more comments and less phone calls or emails so that everyone can participate on certain topics. 

Time will tell if this site works any better for me but I'll need some help from you with some input. Please sign in or whatever it tells you to do to let me know you are out there and add any input you might have. I hope to keep all my Tuckers Chukars readers and add many more to show my love for the sport.

I will still keep in touch with this blog to redirect people to my new one but please look me over on The Reigning Chukar Champions and help me enjoy chukar hunting, chukar dogs and chukar country. You should be able to get into the site by typing in The Reigning Chukar Champions.

Thank you for the many great years of talking chukar and dogs with you.


Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

What's the link for your new site?

Tuckers Chukars said...

All you need to do is type in The Reigning Chukar Champions, I think, but the link is or

Anonymous said...

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

Thank you. Found it and added it to my followed outdoor blogs on my blog.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing your new site but I always tell new chukar hunters go thru all your archives. Lots of good info there.

Tuckers Chukars said...

Thank you. I wish I could have just continued on with this site but I was having problems putting videos on and also losing them. Hopefully everyone will find my new site and contribute.