Sunday, January 17, 2010

Upland Idaho

Went on a fun hunt with a group of people from the Upland Idaho organization which was started by Karl Dehart. These people along with others in the group are going to do a lot of good for upland hunters and birds in the Northwest in the years to come. We met on the hill before dispersing to our hunting locations with our leader, Karl, taking group pictures. Of course the main interest was the variety of dogs and the stories of how they became such great hunting companions. I forgot to get a picture of the canines but there were many breeds in attendance.

After four hours of hunting, some of us reassembled to discuss the day's adventures. For the most part everyone saw lots of birds but mostly from a distance. The birds have been educated well through the year and were getting up wild out of gun range. Even at that, everyone got some shooting in. I was very fortunate and found some more cooperative birds. I have to credit Riley for that. He's my three year old shorthair.

The best part of the day was meeting up after the hunt and listening to the stories. I was particularly excited listening to Idaho Griff and his stories of his eleven month old dog Gus. Watching his eyes and listening to his voice as he talked about the staunch points, the retrieve and how he's getting to know how to read Gus was as good as being there myself. Idaho Griff is now owned by his dog and I don't think anyone could have enjoyed the outing more than him.

Last week I had the fortune to talk with another member of the Upland Idaho group. He had just come off the hill with his 6 month old german shorthair. His stories of how well the pup was doing and how he had retrieved a couple of birds for him made me envious of the journey that dog was going to take him on. A journey I have traveled many times and loved every minute of it.


Karl said...

I would have to agree completely Larry. Thanks for coming out and contributing to the outing.

larry szurgot said...

Whether it's chukar hunting, knitting, mtn. climbing, or anything else, an organization needs a positive and informative leader. You are this guy and I think you'll be a major asset to all the upland bird hunters in the future. Thank you for this and getting me so interested in the informative part of chukar hunting. Before I got into upland idaho I had very little to do with the internet. Now look at me. You can't shut me up.