Sunday, March 21, 2010

First day of spring

Today Barb decided to walk with me and the boys. We hiked back into a place where she shot her second turkey a few years back. The loop is nine and a half miles and usually is a great place for wildlife viewing. We were a little early this year and the only wildlife we saw were turkeys the dogs flushed over our head. But there were many other treasures along the way. We saw wolf tracks, moose tracks, and of course the many turkey, elk and coyote tracks. The boys found an elk bone to chew on and my lovely bride found a freshly shed elk horn. We didn't have one point or even see a hun, chukar, or grouse but had a great day anyhow. Although today is the first day of spring, it's still winter not too far up the mountain. About three more weeks and the green up will be at the elevation Barb and I were at and the bears will start venturing out of their dens.


Pete said...

I finally took your advice and went out to the high desert yesterday with my 8 year-old son. He's been after me to take him to go find some chukar, so we decided to take advantage of Spring break and do a hike in one of my spots with not-too-brutal hills. The days was beautiful - sunny but breezy - and we had a great hike. Plus the hills are very greened up with a fair number of wildflowers. Well, we heard them cackling above us when I called, and eventually we flushed a pair of them. It was very exciting for my son, plus he got to observe a small hawk going after them as they flew over the ridge. All in all a great day for both of us.

larry szurgot said...

I have a 7 year old grandson that goes hiking with me a lot. Just like my son was at that age and your son is now they can add so much to an outdoor outing. I'll bet there was never a dull moment.