Monday, March 1, 2010

special characteristics

Most of the people who read this blog probably hunt with dogs. How many of you have hunted with a dog that seemed to have some special ability or character to it? Hopefully this post will jog your memory of a past or present dog. I've spent the last six days reminiscing hunts that Tucker and I had together and I could write a book of memories. But Tucker had one quality that I never saw in another dog. I'm sure some of you might have seen a dog do this before but Tucker is the only dog I've seen do it.
Tucker and I were very close. He would almost go into a panic mode if we were out of sight for long on hunting trips. I've had others say that Tucker would approach them thinking they were me and then spin around in panic mood looking for me. I think this is why Tucker began backing off points and coming back to find me. It happened quite often and my hunting partners saw it quite regularly. Tucker could be on point 300 yards away and as long as I was in sight he would hold point. Sometimes it would seem like forever as I scaled the mountain to get to him. But, if I was out of sight for five minutes, Tucker would show up, make eye contact, and head back to where the birds were. He would return to the same spot he was holding the birds from earlier. It was as if he had marked the location on a gps. I've had guys watching from the next ridge and tell me later what had happened. They said Tucker would back out slowly and then turn to find me.
Things such as this are just special characteristics dogs develop. They can't be trained. They are learned from experience in the field. It is one of the many things that made Tucker special. The thing that made him most special is that he was my dog.
I'm hoping that each of you take a moment to think of your canine friends, past and present, and remember some of the special things they have done to enrich your lives. Just like Tucker they are special just because they are your dogs. If you got something to comment, please do. It should feel good to brag on your buddy, or maybe even make for a laugh on some of the crazy things they do or have done. I've got several of them on Tucker too.
Most of all, the next warm day you have off, take a break, enjoy the sun and your favorite beverage, and remember those good times with your dog. Today was 61 degrees and that was exactly what I did. I came out with a great feeling knowing the special times Tucker and I spent together. Believe me, you'll be hearing more about him.

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