Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February training.

Although we've been out a couple of times this month today was our first training or photo session of the month. This is the best time of the year for training in my opinion. Especially on wild huns. They are already starting to pair up and those places where you found some nice coveys last hunting season are starting to scatter and present lots of training possibilities. My boys had a great year but wanted to help me flush the birds towards the end of the season. That's what I worked on today. Making sure they get back in tune to who does the flushing.
In another month the chukars will start pairing up and offering another good chance for multiple training ops in a day on wild birds.
Here are some of the pictures of our outing today.
Riley pointing with Dakota honoring.
Dakota pointing with Riley honoring from over 100 yards. Dakota used to honor from a distance like this but as he got older started fudging some to make sure he gets into the action. The wild horses are enjoying watching the dogs work.

I walked in and flushed a pair of huns but only got one in the picture.
Then I took a close up of the horses before they snorted a 50 gallon bucket of air at me and ran off.
Here's a long cross canyon point and honor with Riley being the pointing dog.
A couple more of Riley's points.
Once again I flush a pair.
Another point and honor.

Riley's last point of the day as I move around him taking pictures while Dakota is honoring.

And then turned and flushed these two huns for a possible double.

What a perfect day on the hill.


jc said...

Sure do love the pics of your boys. That last pic of the pair is pretty fantastic as well. Neka and I just got back from the park where were working on "whoa" and a lil' more gentle retrieve. We're getting back into the rhythm of doing a little work every day. I would love to take you up on your offer to join you for work on chukars in a few weeks if that is alright.

larry szurgot said...

Let me know and we'll have some fun with the dogs.

jc said...

Hey Larry,

If you are ready for Neka and I to tag along, I think we might be ready to chase after you guys for a bit of spring training.