Tuesday, June 21, 2011

last day of spring

Just thought I'd add a few pictures taken this last week of the spring. Hopefully I'll be seeing some little fuzzy chuks and huns in the next couple of weeks. If so I'll be savoring the opener of upland season.
There are still some Tom's left and I did see some real young turkey chicks (less then a week) but couldn't manage a picture.
The big game animals had a great spring

I'm sure the predators will help keep the thousands of birds that are about to hatch in check so that we don't run out of shells this season.

They could have made home a little more accommodating.

While out this week I saw lots of singles as far as chukars and huns go. I believe that's good news and hopefully in about two weeks I'll be showing pictures of fuzz balls. Have a great summer and let's hope for a great upcoming upland season.

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