Thursday, July 14, 2011


Not much to talk about since my last post. We've only been up in the chukar hills a couple of times this month. I've been spending some time improving my pond and having fun with the grand kids. There is nothing like family and friends to help forget about chukar hunting for a while. Now that I've got new grass started around the pond Riley and I will have more time to venture back to the hills to observe numbers of chukars learning to fly. (I say that with fingers crossed)
Until then here are some pictures of how we spend our boring days.
My grandson, Conner, and I had a contest of who could outrun young Killdeer and catch one. Obviously he won.
Granddaughter Emily catching her first bass.
Granddaughter Megan catching her first bass.
My 2 year old grandson, Mac caught his first fish but my camera was out of batteries. It was a nice bluegill. Even the world's worst fisherman got some action.
Riley figures if Larry can catch one he could surely catch one of those bluegills in the shallows.
Barb and I took a camping trip and took in a few hikes in the old elk hunting stomping grounds. Barb and the boys enjoy our hikes.
This bull was keeping a close eye on them.

I could bore you with other such pictures but am anxious to get back to chukar talk. Here's to looking forward to cooler days and plenty of birds on the hill.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog. Good looking dogs, I've got a nearly solid liver GSP too, his sire is a No-Mars Tyson dog. We hunt chukars too, we gotta drive a ways though, wish we lived closer to chukar country.

larry szurgot said...

Chris, I've had a love affair with solid colored gsp's since my first one. Even though it doesn't matter as far as their hunting ability I keep going back. Too bad about the long drive but chukars make it worth it.