Friday, July 22, 2011

Snake avoidance

Just a reminder for those who haven't ever had their dog trained to snake avoidance. Although very few dogs ever die from a snake bite the effect of getting bit is very ugly and can be very dangerous to their health. I have seen two dogs that were bit in the face and their heads were the size of basketball before the swelling went down. So, if you hunt the warm season I'd get it done and have a little more comfort for your dogs sake. Boise, Idaho should be having a class in the next few weeks.


jc said...

we were out this morning and saw two gopher snakes and a handful of other markings on the trail. I think we are even going to take our non-hunters to the snake avoidance class.

larry szurgot said...

Great idea. A lot of times a dog that has been trained to avoid snakes will help to alert the people walking with them just by their reaction.