Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Today was my first day back on the hill with Riley. It's been 10 weeks since his second knee operation and he is free to hit the hill again, at moderate rates. He did very well covering 3 miles of fairly steep terrain. Needless to say I was very excited. The swimming he's been doing really advanced his recovery. We even got a couple of points on chukars and huns. We went to a favorite spot of mine. The place where Tucker pointed his first chukar. It was a good time to take a water break, so Riley and I sat on the shaded hillside and took a break. A lump built up in my throat and tears dripped off my cheek as I thought of my old friend. My heart got even heavier as I imagined some day that Riley would be gone also. In five short years we have sure been through a lot. I again pondered the thought of Dakota and Riley being my last canine partners because each dog in my life has taken so much of my heart with them. Then I remembered a saying a friend sent to me one day. Carol Barton sent this photograph to me. It helps me realize what each dog in the past has done for me and that there is still a lot of room for improvement in my heart.
Nothing more needs to be said except that maybe by next spring I'll be ready for a new addition to the family. Thank you Carol


Fadgen's Adventures said...

Larry, sounds like you and Riley will be out blazing away in a couple of months. Good luck! John

Anonymous said...

Nice piece of writing. I can relate. Mays and I are taking a ptarmigan hunting trip. Flot plane leaves on the 9th of aug. My biggest job is to lift Mays onto the flotplane when we are ready to take off,all 115 lbs. Good to see you and Riley exploring the hills.
Good hunting to you.
Alan from Alaska

jc said...

Putting Kayla down this summer was one of the hardest things we have had to do, but that quote is just right on. Before we got Neka we were very worried that we would compare her to Kayla and Dante and she would come up short. Now we can't imagine life without her. Even though she is completely different, she brings a brand new Joy and energy to the family. And needless to say, she has helped us grow.