Friday, September 28, 2012


I'm supposing most of the chukar hunters are watching the skies and praying for some cooler temperatures and some moisture. I know I am. Lower temperatures would really help the stamina but the moisture is more important as far as finding birds. A good rainfall would knock the dust and pollen off of everything and make it easier for the pups to hold scent.
Yesterday Riley and I were up on the hill and experienced one of those off days. I'm sure there were birds around but in 3 and 1/2 hours we found only two small covey of huns and a solo chukar. We had several unproductive points and relocates but couldn't come up with birds. The two covies we did find ended up being bumped after solid points and several relocates. Riley knew they were there but just couldn't pinpoint the birds until he eventually bumped them. I've talked to a few other hunters who are having the same kind of luck on the hill. In fact, I ran into Mike Richards and his good looking setter on the hill yesterday and when the day was through he concurred with me that there were birds around but the conditions are just making it tough on the dogs. A couple of guys I've visited with said they weren't going to hunt their dogs anymore until the weather changes. They thought it was tough on their canine partners. It might be. I don't know, but I do know that Riley loves being out there and it's a lot better than sitting around the house moping. I do know that it isn't hurting me being out there. As I get older I find when I take a little time off from hiking the hills it takes a lot longer to get back into shape than it used to. I have to hike the hills at least a couple times a week or my body lets me know I'm letting it down. So, I'll put up with these poor conditions until we have a good weather change, and be happy with fewer birds and packs filled with water, knowing that when it does happen Riley and I will be like kids at Christmas time. Here's to some good rain in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get some rain soon. The mountains got snow across the bay.
I may hunt ducks this sun. as the grouse seem to have disappeared. Maybe they don't like the rain. Good hunting to you and Riley.

larry szurgot said...

Thanks Alan. The weather is supposed to cool down Wednesday so I think Riley and I are going west for a few days and try a a few days in a row of hunting to see how strong his knees are getting. I've got my fingers crossed. Good luck with the ducks.

Fadgen's Adventures said...

Hi Larry. I agree on the weather. Shadow and I got out for a few hours yesterday before it turned too hot. Saw quite a few birds and they were all on water. No green up anywhere other than around the water. Hopefully this will change soon.


spudfed said...

Where did you pick up your GSP at. I have a liver bitch that is out of the Greif line. The sire belonged to a fellow in Lewiston. I generaly hunt forrest grouse in the month of Sep. We limited out this last weekend. $ ruffs and 4 blues,in about 4 hrs. Dry in the woods to.


larry szurgot said...

Spudfed, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been over on Brownlee reservoir with Riley for the last five days.
Riley came from Oklahoma.(Sire; Mendall's Ace Butch--Dam; Bali).
Tucker was picked up locally in Meridian.(sire: Sugar's pony soldier sage--dam;Abe's Ambling Abbee)
Dakota is Tucker's son.
The cooler wearther helped some the last five days but the dust and pollen is still tough on Riley.