Friday, November 30, 2012

Dakota's letter

Larry, I have gotten old, so have patience with me. If I seem to be ignoring you, understand that my hearing is gone and I would never ignore you intentionally. Even if you need to raise your voice so I can hear, please don't use the angry tone. That isn't the person I remember. I use to love honoring your commands, but I don't even remember what some of them mean now. If I seem to pace more than I use to it's because I don't know what I'm supposed to do, so please bear with me. My eyes are clouded over now and I don't recognize things from a distance so forgive me for barking at things I should be familliar with. I know my aging body and breath smell at times and I appreciate you petting and hugging me all the same. And those whining noises I constantly make while laying here. Those sounds are the only noises I really hear anymore and it conforts me some. Thanks for turning the T.V. volume up so you can hear over me. The strength in my hips is gone now so your help up on the chair is appreciated even though I may not be able to show it as I use to. I still am sensative so don't look at me with disdain because I have to follow my nose to every smell in the house and often get in the way. I'm sorry that I forget at times which side of the door opens so bear with me. Please don't force me to jump out of the truck, my joints are weak now and it hurts to do the things that use to be so easy and fun to do.
If I don't make it all the way out the door believe me I am trying but I am losing control of certain bodily functions. Thank you so much for noticing my shivering. The cold bothers me more today than it did in my younger years and the keeping me in a heated room is very much appreciated. I don't know why I ask to be let outside just to turn around and scratch to come back in. Something just tells me that's what I'm supposed to do. You and Barb are so good to keep coming to the door for me. Although I can't keep up with you and Riley, I love being with you. Please include me in some of your travels. I'm sorry I got older, so please bear with me. Don't start disliking me for the things I cannot control but remember all the good times we had together. When I do something stupid ar have an accident try to remember all of our great hunting trips and rub my ears and hopefully we can get through this together. My last days are growing near and the last thing I ever wanted was to cause any inconveinince to you and Barbara. When the time comes and the pain is unbearable I will let you know. All I ask is that you rub my ears love me as I fall to sleep. My dreams will take me to heaven where I'll join Tucker who is waiting for us to all be together again. Like you, I wish that us dogs lived as long as humans so we could spend both of our lives together. Maybe God made us live shorter lives strenghten yours. I know how it hurt you to lose Tucker but it made you a stronger individual. I hope my being here has done the same. I won't apologize for what aold age has done to me. It is beyond my control just like it will become beyond yours when you get older. You won't have to apologize to your children for your forgetfullness and other things as you age. Your children will understand, just as you have understood my problems. Thank you for the wonderful life and having the patience to care for me in my later years.
I Love You, Dakota


Fadgen's Adventures said...

Wow, you sure know how to make a guy tear up! Keep up the writing Larry, I love to hear about you and the dogs.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Larry that brought the tears on.What a great piece of writing. I will try to keep this information handy when my dog gets older. I admire the love you have for your dogs. It must be tough to write this right now but thank you for making the effort.

UncleLarry said...

Man that was a page out of the past. Good words sir.

Karl said...