Saturday, November 24, 2012


Normally I don't hunt quail, because sometimes they teach pointing dogs to chase. But when my grandson, Conner, asked me if we could try a little quail hunting, there was no way I could say no. Conner turned 10 this year and after passing hunter safety, he has his upland bird hunting license. The memories of this day will be with me forever. I was concerned about the safety factors of a first year hunter, especially behind a dog, but I was soon impressed by his safety with the gun as well as his ethics around both the dog and myself. I'm looking forwards to many more hunts like this and I know Riley is too. Riley and Conner have been best buds since the day we picked him up at the airport. One day, maybe Conner and his dog will take me on my last upland hunt. I hope that day is many years from now and many hunts in between, but until that time comes here are a few of the memories I have of this young man maturing into a hunter early in life. There right in here Conner.
I got that one.
I'll take that one Riley.
and put it right here.
I've got another one right here.
A little further. Right behind that rock.
Thanks Riley.
Great job Riley. We have them pinned between us.
I'll hold them while you make the flush.
I'd say we had a pretty good day Riley.

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Anonymous said...

Wow,that must make you so proud of that boy. riley looks to have had a gret time too.