Sunday, March 24, 2013

Idaho is going to be fun

After hanging around here doing that bonding stuff, I was jacked to hear the Big Guy say we were finally going to hit the mountain. He loaded Riley, Dakota and myself into the truck and headed for the hills. I was hoping it would be as much fun as he said it would be. As soon as we hit the end of this road, he opened the truck doors and I knew by the other two dogs actions something good was going on. We headed up this trail and i was having a ball along with the other two, when suddenly Riley took a turn up this mountain. Anyhow, they called it a mountain. It looked like a cliff to me. I was keeping up fairly well until this moment. Suddenly Riley was all over the mountain. He'd disappear here and show up way over there. The Big Guy kept telling me some day that's what I'll be able to do. I've decided that I better do some working out on my days off. Luckily for me, Dakota was quite a bit slower on the hill and didn't like getting out of sight of the Big Guy, so I could always see one of them. Riley was a real champ on ht hill though. He kept coming back and checking on Dakota and me. And one time Riley stopped and got real intense. Dakota stopped and watched him so i decided to do the same. Pretty soon I heard a little noise and both the other dogs started down the hill. It startled me a little so I ran back to the Big Guy. He told me it was a pair of huns but never explained to me what a hun was. I decided to find out myself and so I followed my nose to what I assumed was a hun. I was about to pick it up and shake it a little when the Big Guy yelled that familiar word. NO! Seems like it was a dead skunk and that smell isn't so good after all. I never got to see a chukar either, but one time right after the Big Guy took a picture I heard something fly and make a loud commotion. Riley came unglued and got all excited and Dakota just sat there. Now I know what deaf means. Man, it was loud. I now have heard what chukars sound like, even though I haven't seen one yet. I have to say the boys were more than gracious to me. They showed me several different things on the hill and even let me lead once we hit the trail back to the truck. One of the things they didn't seem to show an interest in was elk droppings and cow pies. I found them quite good. The cow pies are even fun to pick up and run with. More than anything else, I learned I can trust the Big Guy. When I got into trouble, like crossing that huge two foot creek, I just howled a little and he came right back to help me. That's nice to know until I get big like Riley. The "crem de la crem" was back at the truck. The Big Guy just lay in the sun for a while with the other two boys and let me climb on his face and lick the sweat off of him. What a great finish to the day. I think Idaho is going to be great. Now, I think I'll take a good long nap. Sorry the pictures can't be placed due to blog malfunction.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all are having a lot of fun. I like it when the story is told through the pup's eyes. Must be fun to watch him explore all the strange things out there in nature. Riley seems to have accepted the pup as one of the family. Take care larry.

larry szurgot said...

Thanks Alan. Each pup brings a different journey. If I stay out of the way I think I've got another winner.