Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meet Jake

I don't know why, but Larry insisted I introduce myself. My name is Jake and I was born in a place that Barbara thought was heaven, so they call me Heaven's Jake. Little do they know, but my job is to make life hell for them for a while because they took me from my dad and mom and 8 siblings that I enjoyed playing with all the time. Our ride to my new home was a little scarry. The first thing they did was put me in a kennel and had me ride in the back seat of this big truck with a big dog that looked a lot like mom, only bigger. His name is Riley and he kept growling at me when I would touch his feet. What a sour puss. After about an hour of riding and Riley growling I got a little tired of it all, so I threw up on Riley's feet just to let them know I wasn't just going to lie there and take it. Once I got their attention, things went a lot better. We made several stops along the way and I got to smell all kind of new smells and see some great sights. I learned two new things on our stops. First, those big bushes blowing in the wind won't hurt you even though you can't out run them and second, you don't walk under a big dog like Riley when he's lifting his leg. You get wet that way. All the way the big guy, Larry, kept trying to brain wash me. He told me how great our new home was and how we'd be finding all these chukars. I don't even know what a chukar is. All I know is that it's hard to beat the life I had with Milt, Janet, and the rest of my family, in that place they called heaven. Once we arrived at our new home, I was introduce to another dog that looked like mom. I think his name is Dakota. He doesn't growl at me but he walks around like a great grandpa would, kind of acting like I'm not around. I'll soon make him aware of my presence. My new home is nice and even though I'm supposed to have the run of the house, Barbara and Larry seem very distrustful. They watch my every move like they think I'm going to do something wrong. Maybe when they start trusting me I'll quit waking them up every two hours during the night with my howling. I mean fair is fair. Wow, I got to smell a lot of new scents this morning and take a long walk. Larry said we walked about a half mile. I tried to keep up with Riley and Dakota but decided Larry's pace was a lot better for me. In fact it was kind of fun walking between his legs and watching him stumble. At one point a huge bird flew by and landed in a pond by me. I was very pleased when I was told that was a goose and not a chukar. Yes, I have a S on my chest for super dog but a bird the size of a goose is ridiculous. So, that is the history of my life with the Szurgot's so far. I will miss my family very much, but if Riley and Larry hold true to their promises, I'm looking forwards to a great hunting and family life. Larry also promises pictures aa soon as he gets the camera back from the fix it shop. Seems like it got dirty somehow on his many hunts with Riley and quit working. Imagine that.


The Greenneck said...

Great post. I'm a new chukar hunter. What do you look for in picking a pup?

larry szurgot said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of chukar hunting. The main criteria I have for picking a pup is that he comes from hunting parents. From there it's just a matter of getting the dog on as many birds as possible. Ever since my first shorthair, Tucker, I've just had a thing about the solid liver color. That's just a preference and means nothing as far as hunting ability.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new pup.Sure am glad you found a new pup. It will take a lot of pressure off Riley.However Riley will make sure he is respected as number one dog.
Good luck with the pup.

Unknown said...

I got a solid liver male as well really love the color I will be back in Idaho (Washington/payette) county in December to do some chukar hunting good luck on your knee surgery I would make more post but can't seem to get an account on here

Unknown said...

How can I get my account approved so I can post on upland Idaho

larry szurgot said...

Chris. It's good to have another male gsp around here. Almost everyone I hunt with has females.
To post on Upland Idaho call Karl Dehart at 208-869-1404. He's the moderator and can walk you thru the process. Good luck in December chasing the birds.
If you have a problem getting ahold of Karl, let me know.