Sunday, March 23, 2014

Barb says "No More"

After my outing today, I was looking through the days pictures and was excited to finally get a bird in the picture with Jake. I've been able to get each of my dogs in the past on point on wild birds where you could see the dog on point and the birds still holding. I wasn't sure I got the bird in the pictures until I got home and with enthusiasm I told Barb, "oh boy, come look at this." She pretended to be excited but I definitly got the feeling of "big deal."

Like most chukar hunters, I don't have much smarts. So I need an editor to correct my spelling and punctuations. Barb is mine and when I asked her to edit this blog she said she would,  but after this, no more pictures of Jake on point. People are getting tired of it. So I agreed to quit posting so much unless I have something more exciting to post about. Maybe seeing a bunch of baby chukars this summer might be acceptable.

Anyhow , she gave me the okay for these pictures. I'll keep it short.

We were out scouting for turkey when my Astro said Jake was on point 107 yards away. I located him and could tell by his point that he was making eye contact with a bird and by the area we were in it was probably a grouse. I couldn't see a bird but took the picture.
I looked for a bird but couldn't see it. I moved over behind Jake and zoomed in hoping that maybe I might find the bird. I still couldn't see one but after I got home I finally saw what was keeping Jake so intense.
Still not knowing where the bird was I moved in for the flush and actually snapped a picture quick enough to get both Jake and the grouse at the same time. You can see the grouse wings even though the tree is blocking the body.
I told my editor, "I probably would have got that grouse", and her final response was, "I doubt it."


jc said...

Not tired yet. Keep 'em coming. Neka and I are living vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

If you don't keep posting - how are we going to know how many birds there will be to chase next year? The rain has been pretty sporatic this spring so I will be interested what you think about nesting conditions over the coming months. Plus, I never get tired of pictures of Jake pointing!


larry szurgot said...

Thanks John and Matt. Jake and I got out Monday and had a very good day. We saw several pairs of huns and four separate blue grouse and was pretty close to your back yard. Just north of Boise. We got some good pictures but I have to wait until Barb needs something before I post them.