Friday, April 11, 2014

They're back

Well it's that beautiful time of the year again. Everything is changing colors and the temperatures are perfect for being outdoors. But there are still things out there that make the spring transition a little uncomfortable for dog owners. One of those things are ticks. I pulled two off Jake yesterday after our great outing the day before. Over the years I have gotten used to pulling ticks off my boys and treat them with bio spot during the tick season to repel most ticks and kill the ones that dig in for a mouth full. It's still is something I'd rather do without.

The second thing is snakes. Yes, they're coming out of their dens and warming up for their long journeys. They are a little slow yet but still not fun to see.
Snakes are another nasty thing that I have gotten used to over the years but could do without when it comes to my pups. Hopefully I'll find a bull snake in the next two months and make sure that Jake's snake training took last June but if I don't find a cooperative one we'll be back at the snake avoidance to make sure Jake understands what the business end of a rattler can do.
Meanwhile Jake and I will continue to be on the hill doing what we love and hoping to avoid ticks and snakes. 

Since Barb isn't editing this I'll sneak in a picture of a few days ago. Here's Jake telling me to turn around.
Here's what he was pointing.
Fun, huh!


Alex @ HuntingInfoNetwork said...

If you get a snake bite, don’t apply a tourniquet or ice. What you can do is wash the wound with soap and water. remove wristwatches, rings, or anything constrictive. Keep the wound below heart level and immobilize the affected limb during evacuation.

Anonymous said...

I always worry about the dog getting into a snake when I hunt in Idaho.I try and visit in Nov. so the chances are few. We don't have snakes or ticks in Alaska but we do have bears and moose. I have had more trouble with moose than bears. Been charged three times by moose. They are super sensitive when they have young ones. Mays always leads the angry mommas back to me to deal with. I like Jake's last point.