Thursday, February 19, 2015


Quite often, others and myself have talked about how tough chukar hunting is and at times it does really push a person past what seems to be enjoyable. But, believe me, it's not much tougher than many of the jobs people take on each day. The difference is, we are working at something we really enjoy. For me, it is being with my dog and watching him do what he loves to do.

I have to admit I'd rather have a shotgun in my hand but, when the weather is like it is right now I choose to be on the mountain with Jake. January was a tough month of hunting with the mud, fog, ice and wind and I wish I could have taken that month off and waited for better weather but hunting seasons don't work like that.

I put these picture together in hopes that you can put yourself in the camera. This is what I get to see on a typical chukar/hun hunt. The only hard thing I did was enjoy the day and follow Jake, who did all the work. I came over the hill and found Jake on this point.
So I backed down the hill and started approaching Jake with hopes that the birds were between us.
I held the camera on Jake and pushed the button at the sound of the flush and finally got the flushing birds in the picture with Jake.
This is the scene I get to see a dozen or so times on a hunt. It is what makes my heart pound at times. It is what pushes me up the hill I would have stopped half way up on if I didn't have a dog. It is why I stop at times in wonder at Jake's point.

No, I'm not any tougher than any other hunter out there and some times I claim to be not to smart for hiking up and down those steep hills but in the end it's truly because of my dogs and the thrills they provide me.
Remember, if you feel like life is tracking you down, get a chukar dog and let him help you put distance between you and ol man Time.


Anonymous said...

Good job getting a picture of the birds flushing. I agree with you that there is nothing more fulfilling then watching a good bird dog work birds and especially approaching them on point. It always makes my heart pick up a few beats as well. I like to wonder around the hills just looking at the scenery and exploring what is over the next hill. Makes life worth living .I'm sure you know what I mean. Still enjoying sunshine and warmer days. Keep having fun with Jake. I hope Barb is still baking pies, another thing that makes life worth living. Take care.
Alan and Mays

Fadgen's Adventures said...

Larry, thanks for the kind words in the past on my outings. Too bad there wasn't much chukar hunting though. I have really enjoyed reading about your travels, especially the ones with Conner. You have a great way with words.

Hope to see you and Jake out this fall - that is unless the large peaks get in the way!