Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun time of the year. Even for elk.

Jake and I took a hike yesterday. We did find a few paired up birds and got to work on a little training,
but two rag horn bulls stole the show from Jake. I'm not sure whether they call them rag horns because of their coats this time of year or their antlers. When I came over a ridge this bull was running about 30 yards away. I was in the wide open and the wind was at my back so I was sure he was running from me.
I took my camera out of my pocket and as I snapped this picture I saw Jake running about 20 yards ahead of the bull. I realized the bull was chasing, or at least interested in Jake. I tried hard to get both Jake and the elk in the same shot but Jake knew how to keep his distance. The whole time this was going on, probably 2 to 3 minutes, the bulls partner just fed at about 30 yards away.
At one time, the bull that was excited about Jake, started stomping it's foot trying to get Jake to come out from the other side of the brush above him.
Finally, Jake ran down the hill in search of smaller game and the bulls decided to leave also. Before they went over the hill they stopped and gave me a stare. They seemed to be saying, "we knew you were there the whole time, but watching that brown dog run around was a lot more fun than running from you."


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Larry. Good to see you and your boy out having fun in the hills. Mays is showing some age and I often think about a pup. I know you get yours from the same place every time. When the day comes I would appreciate some information from you. Take care and keep having fun.
Alan and Mays

larry szurgot said...

Thanks Alan. Actually, I have got my pups from different locations, except for Dakota who was the son of my first shorthair, Tucker. Riley came from Oklahoma and Jake from Montana. Tucker won me over and from that time on I just searched for solid liver color dogs that came from hunting families and have very fortunate with my choices.