Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Late spring jaunt

Jake and I took a spring jaunt through some of the country I chase chukars from time to time. Although we saw only one game bird we saw evidence that they were around. Droppings and tracks. Mother nature somehow masks the scent of wildlife this time of the year to help in survival of nests and babies. But when you find a dozen or so quail hiding in the brush, it still provides some fun for Jake with his hind leg point.
He had another good point later on but I had to pull him off this point before I snapped a photo because I was sure he was right on top of the bird. Sure enough, as I reached to grab Jake's collar a hen turkey flushed at about five feet. Now that will get the heart pumping. Here's the spot he was pointing.
A closer look revealed the nest location.
I pulled the grass back and counted 11 eggs hopefully to be hatched.
As we continued our hike I was pleasingly surprised at the number of small grass hoppers. They were everywhere.
Where the cheat had already dried up, the hoppers were brown color and when you got to the green up side of the hill there were thousands of green protein bugs for the baby birds soon to hatch.
Even though the temperature was only between 60 and 65 degrees, with the sun beating down on us, Jake was often looking for some shade to take a break in.
In fact at times he decided a longer break was warranted.
We saw several lone deer along the way and didn't see any little ones in tow, but since they were all alone I assume they either had a fawn laying low or were about to have a little one or two. This doe looked very fat and I'm sure she is close to giving birth.
Hopefully this coyote is far away when she gives birth. Jake and I jumped him not more than 200 yards away from where the doe was.
Anyhow, to make it short, the spring is progressing like a normal spring. Everything is looking good for a good year so far and hopefully we will be seeing a good hatch in the next 40 days or so. Enjoy the outdoors.

A short P.S.  After our walk and typing of this post I found three ticks on me and several on Jake. It was almost the perfect jaunt.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Larry. Jake is getting smart , when its hot he finds some shade. Kind of like us older guys . He probably noticed that you left the shotgun at home and it made no sense to put himself out too much. Sounds like beautiful weather. Mays is recovering from the kid's visit. He ran alongside the 4 wheeler up and down the beach and he was stiff afterwards. He and I both ate well over the weekend. Take care Larry. I put my business up for sale .Its probably a long shot but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Idaho or bust this fall.
Alan and Mays

larry szurgot said...

I hope it happens and am looking forward to seeing you this fall.