Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Out of excuses

My last post had me dissing my dog and commenting on poor dog work. Jake must have read that post and decided to make me feel a little foolish. We got a little more moisture and the weather cooled some for our last two hunts and Big Jake's form was back to normal.
I even started out the day participating and shot a few birds for Jake to retrieve.
But, both days found my eyes failing me and I started having a tough time centering in on the birds. Had my eyes not failed me I'm should have easily come home with a limit both days and with birds that seemed to hold pretty darn good. I apologized to Jake. I guess we both can have some rough days.

Anyhow, to those that are wondering, it is time. Hunting conditions have improved to almost perfect. We almost had a frost on the ground this morning. Combine that with a slight breeze and our canine partners are ready to show us some of the good hunting we've missed the past two years. I've even seen a few covey of huns. They have been eluding Jake and me this year but are suddenly starting to show up and some decent sized covey's.

Eddie, no more excuses for you either. The snakes are pretty much gone for the year. 

Thanks to Conner, my grandson, we have some venison in the freezer and can now concentrate on chukars for the rest of the season.
Keep me posted on your hunts and I hope you're seeing as many birds as I have so far this year. Barb and I are heading over to Woodhead this afternoon through Sunday to chase chukars, so if you're in the area make sure and stop by and swap stories with us.


Unknown said...

Nice buck, looks like a good shot too! Glad conditions have improved. Annie had a very nice point on a couple of sharptails here in western South Dakota. But my son and I both missed easy shots. Pheasants were easier to hit on three successful hunts on the east side of the state. Hope to hunt chukars in southern Idaho this weekend and be over on the west side in 10 days or so. Good luck this weekend! Larry

larry szurgot said...

Sounds like you're having a good trip. My trip was successful also but we could have done without the wind. It blew pretty hard and made the birds a little skiddish. I may head back over there next weekend once I see what the weather is going to be like. Let me know where you'll be when you're this way and maybe we can connect. There are plenty of birds to chase this year.

Unknown said...

Will do. Raining hard here in Rupert. Hope to hunt over here Wednesday. Larry