Saturday, April 28, 2018

Grady and chukar update

The good news about chukars is they seem to be everywhere. I even saw chukars in fairly flat range land yesterday running with quail. Flat land chukars, wouldn't that be nice.
I don't believe most of them are sitting nests yet because we usually see two birds together. When the hens are sitting on eggs you usually only see one bird. It won't be long though.

The not so good news is the weather. We haven't had a lot of spring moisture and the chukar hills are already showing dry spots. The green grass is not even close to what we had this time last year. If this trend keeps up we'll be losing chicks to lack of insects after the hatch but we still have plenty of time for mother nature to correct this problem.

The snakes are leaving their den's now with the warm weather and it's time to start watching for them.
It's also tick season and we pulled our first one off Grady. We'll be putting on tick and flee treatment for Jake and Grady.

Now for Jake's student. He turned 10 weeks old yesterday and he is doing quite well. He is almost house broken and already best buddies with Jake. They have some pretty good wrestling matches even with the size difference. He is the hit at the grandson's baseball games and loves being around other people and other dogs. He now knows the come command and his boundaries in the house. 

Getting him to this point was my job. From here it is up to Jake. If he get's screwed up, it's Jake's fault. We've been retrieving a sock and having great success so we went to bigger game, a hun. He shows no signs of fear at loud noises so I packed the starting pistol for our retrieves. Grady doesn't even acknowledge hearing the pistol so we'll probably go to the twenty gauge next. Here is his first retrieve of a frozen hun. Of course the coach had to show him how it is done.

I know a few of you have gotten pup's this year and would love to hear an update from you. Let's hope some favorable weather from here out.


Anonymous said...

Such a smart pup. He retrieves better than my Setter. Jake looks like he likes having the little guy around.Glad you got another pup.Fun watching him grow.
Alan Mays and the Setter

Ben said...

Wow, he is so cute! My Bernie is coming along pretty well. At 16 weeks she just passed 30 pounds! I introduced her to gunfire and to water retrieving last week and all is well in that regard. She's starting to test me on some things but is being really cooperative with other things. She did a really good job pointing a few quail that came in to feed with the tweety birds in my yard the other day.

larry szurgot said...

Man do I understand the testing remark. I typed this up once and it lost connection from internet. I thought Grady was just laying at my feet. Didn't know he was chewing the low voltage connection. If it had been the 110 line he might have learned a god lesson.

Anyhow, it sounds like Bernie is coming along great. She's going to be a big girl. I'm still waiting for Grady to get birdy. He still watches the yard birds with very little excitement and has no idea that's what he's looking for on our jaunts but we know how to create that if needed.

Keep me posted and good luck,

Mooretitan said...

A couple May showers would be nice
Glad the new pup is doing well.