Saturday, April 7, 2018

Grady's first day in chukar country

Well the Big Guy gave me an almost impossible job again today. He wants me to train Grady while he packs around a camera. I tried to stay closer so the runt could keep up but until those short legs grow it's gonna be a lost cause. He didn't show any fear of the mountain or the tall brush and was better on the steep slopes than I thought he'd be but the kid has a long way to go. Although I found some huns, I just couldn't get the kid into the action. If my patience holds maybe we'll get some interaction with birds soon. Here's one of the video's the Big Guy took while I did all the work.



Anonymous said...

Hey that little guy looks comfortable with his older brother. must be nice to have a new student.Keep having fun.
Alan,Mays,and the Setter.

Greg said...

Congrats to all of the participants on the new adventure Larry......I was going to find Lucy a new playmate this year but Sherry wanted to wait one more Just got back from 6 weeks in New Zealand mostly fishing but 8 days of wet, steep and thick New Zealand chasing red deer with a stick and string. They have wild chukar, quail, pheasants, and huns there too now.

Ben said...

How's Grady coming along? Update requested pronto!

Tuckers Chukars said...

Ben, Grady has been quite the student. Today was his ten month birthday and he's already picking up a frozen hun and bringing it to me with some coaxing. He's got come down, walks well on the leash, is almost house broke and is a favorite at my grandson's ball games. He's socializing real well and Jake and he are best bud's with wrestle mania at least twice a day when we're not out on short hikes in the mountains. I'm gonna post a video of his first retrieve and hopefully of his first swim in the next couple of days. He hasn't shown any real interest in birds yet but it won't be long and we'll be working on that.

How about your new addition? Is he keeping you as entertained as Grady is to Barb and I?

Tuckers Chukars said...

Greg, congratulations on another great adventure. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.