Monday, May 28, 2018

111 days and the count down begins.

With 111 days until Idaho opener for chukars I've had a few inquiries  from people living out of the state as to what we might be expecting. The short answer is to keep your bags packed because conditions have improved and a good hatch is likely.

A month ago I was worried about maybe having a dry spring because the mountains were already showing that mid June look. Well since then we have had many good wet storms come through and help get the grass growth going again. The hills are green with lot's of growth and the hoppers are starting to hatch everywhere.

Although a couple of the storms have had quite a downpour, I don't think the chukar/hun hatch has happened yet so there would be little chance of wiping out newborn chicks. Along with the rain has been warmer than normal temperatures that are helping promote good growth and insect hatches.

Jake and I haven't been able to get back in as far as normal on our scouts because Grady has been accompanying us and his short legs tire out a lot quicker. The hikes we are getting in are looking very positive though and hopefully in about two weeks the hatch will be on. Come August I hope to be showing you lot's of huge covey's of chukar/hun and possibly a young pup pointing some of them.

As far as planning a trip to western Idaho and eastern Oregon for upland birds I would definitely start packing my gear. If my notes from the past and my memories are right this is shaping up to be another perfect spring for the birds and with the great carry over we should see some high densities of birds.

We'll be hiking around a lot trying to find babies to take pictures of for the next month or two and will try and keep you posted on what we are seeing. Keep your fingers crossed and your shotgun and dogs ready, it's looking like fun times.


Larry said...

Thanks for the encouragement Larry! Still very cool up here. Season opens 8/10. Coming up quickly.

Ben said...

Here in Central OR, the cheatgrass (the only kind in my yard) is very tall and there are little bugs everywhere where the last few years I have not seen this. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Mooretitan said...

Can’t wait. Thinking of trying to get 3 trips up there this year. Hoping to get an early one in in October but have never been up there that early. Plus a Christmas break trip. Should be a blast.

Chukarhunter50 said...

Drove past you a few days before the end of Turkey season, you were headed up the mountain with the dogs and us crazy early rise Turkey guys were coming down. I hope the hoppers are hatching, I've been on owhyee res and brownlee the past few weeks and I'm concerned as I have not see any hoppers like the past 2 years, but areas have lots of mormon crickets which is great. I have seen males watching out over nests. Agree on the moisture, humidity in areas has been good. Little hoppers are key for chicks. I'll be making scouting runs after the 4th of July and report back on #s compared against the past 3 season.

Tuckers Chukars said...

We just saw our first turkey hatch and little grass hoppers everywhere we went. Looking good.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to exploring new areas with the Setter. I’m slowly learning about this grand sport.Thanks for keeping us posted Larry. look forward to hearing how that young pup is coming along.
Alan,Mays and the Setter.