Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A need to vent by Big Jake

I know this is supposed to be a positive chukar hunting site, but the events of the last few months have put me in a spot where I need to vent a little. I know there are many other dogs out there with the same problem so maybe you feel the same way. Just a few of them include Mays, Rowdy, Lucy and more. We all kind of ruled the roost for several years and suddenly along comes a new pup to supposedly help take the burden of the hunt off us.

Yesterday, was the last straw. I woke up and couldn't find the big guy or Grady anywhere. I snooped around and finally Barbara (I'd call her the big gal, but I'd be sleeping outside if I did) slipped and let me know they were hunting. They sneaked out on me knowing I would be very unhappy with the idea.

Think about it. You were probably told the same story. The pup is just for your company and you can teach him how this world works. Things are working out different than I figured it would. Yesterday is just one example. Grady and the big guy got home and the big guy almost fell over himself talking about Grady's points and retrieves. I wanted to go outside and throw up but I was afraid they'd leave me out.

Who taught Grady how to point? Of course, it was me. Have you ever seen how fast the big guy covers country?  If he was in charge he would probably still be looking for the first bird find. I took the pup out 7 months ago and showed him how to use his nose and which smells were important and which weren't. It was hard to slow down but I did for the sake of the team. I thought he came along quite well and was happy the big guy was pleased but the amount of praise they gave him was down right silly. I did the work and he followed my lead, how hard is that?

Then he became big enough to carry a bird. How many times did I drag him along while he held onto the bird so he could learn to bring the bird to the big guy. You guys probably remember the same thing. You did the work but the pup got the praise. It was still alright because you were doing it for the team.

How many times have I heard of how well Grady honors. I let him know he better or else, but do I get complimented for that? He freezes like a statue and watches as the big guy moves ahead of me for the shot with never a word from the big guy. But when I slowly creep up on Grady's point he gives me a stern whoa like I'm doing something wrong. All I'm doing is getting up close enough to make sure he doesn't screw up. Sure sometimes I move to the front, but it's my job to make sure he's pointing the right things and all I get is a stern whoa instead of an attaboy.

And the retrieves, It's almost sickening to hear the praise he gets for bringing the bird to the big guy. I make a 200 yard retrieve straight up the face of a cliff like mountain without a word and Grady brings a bird from 20 yards on flat land and the big guy acts like he made the best retrieve ever.

I can't tell you how many times I heard the big guy talking about how well Grady used the wind to his advantage. Well of course he did, I taught him that but was I once mentioned? Heck no. That's such an easy thing to do but you'd think the pup just climbed mount Everest. Don't get me wrong, I like Grady but if it weren't for me he wouldn't know a darn thing. Look at last month. I leave him for just a minute and he finds a skunk and gets sprayed. I had to put up with the smell too but Grady got off with the poor puppy treatment. What an acting job he did.

Around the house is another thing. I'm sure all you more refined dogs know what I mean. Grady sneaks off to the neighbors  house and won't come back when called and always gets away with "he's just a puppy". I can be outside for hours without leaving but I never get "he's such a good dog". I'm getting kind of sick of hearing how cute he is. I'm a magnificent specimen of a hunting dog and still should be front and center.

Last week we went hunting in Greg Allen's side by side. I rode in the front seat with Greg and the big guy while Grady rode in the crate as it should be. Grady started bawling and carrying on until he became so obnoxious the guys stuck me in the crate with him to quiet him down. That was really a bunch of bull. Once again, I get punished for poor puppy behavior.

This morning took the cake. After our hunt, the big guy put his vest and gun in the back seat with Grady and myself. That's how it's always done. About half way home I noticed the big guy sniffing the air. He was smelling the innards of a half eaten chukar. I watched Grady steal the bird and start eating it and decided to hide my head like I didn't know what was going on. The truck pulled over  and the big guy calmly took the half eaten bird and vest and put them in the back of the truck. He looked at me and said you can't let him do that and started home again. 6 years of hunting and I have never eaten a bird and when Grady eats one I'm told I'm not doing my job. That's a crock.

It probably sounds like I'm not enjoying myself but that's not all true. Hunting with the big guy and Grady is a blast but I want to start getting the credit I deserve for getting Grady where he is so fast. I very modestly say that those two would be birdless if not for me.

Let me give some advice to you older dogs out there with a new hunting companion to put up with. Don't let it get out of hand. If your hunter starts paying more attention to the pup than you don't hesitate to get his attention by peeing on his foot. If he doesn't get it at first, do it again and he'll soon notice you are there too. Don't be so kind to the little guy and give up the bird. Start making him/her earn their way. Don't jump up into the back seat anymore, make the big guy lift you. He'll soon realize you are there and appreciate you more when you start jumping in again. Give some false points when you're out of sight so the pup will honor and then sneak off before the hunter get's there. It will make the pup look like he's not getting the idea and the hunter will appreciate your solid points all the more. Also, get the pup to point a Meadow Lark, that almost always works in your favor.

There are lots of little tricks to do out there to regain your place in your master's heart but don't wait until it's too late. With only two months left of hunting it's time to start. Regain your position on the couch as the number one canine in the house. I'm starting today and won't settle for nothing but TOP DOG on the hill.


Greg said...

Well done Jake....Sherry and I were cracking up while Lucy listened while nodding. Lucy sends her best to Jake.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to everything you said.Since the Setter came to live with us I seem to get less and less credit. she seems to get all the attention.When I get left at home with mom I do benefit as I get all the treats. Now I’m so fat I can hardly fit through the door. I trained her too well I guess. Hang in there !
Mays,the 127 lb GSP.

Chukarchaser62 said...

Jake, it's about time we took a stand against the injustice. My dad brought home a new pup this summer and I was thrilled to play until I found out she was moving in to my house. You can't imagine how hurt I was after all I've done for my dad, I've run myself into the ground for him, injured myself and more all so he could get close enough to harvest birds. I was so upset that I faked being sick so dad thought I was going to die, it was kinda funny as I got to sleep in his bed and got away with murder until he figured it out. I did eventually fall in love with my new sister Pepper and have been teaching her how to help dad get his birds. I am still queen of the house and dad treats me better than ever so things do work out. Sometimes we need to keep our big guys reminded of all we do for them even if it's faking a broken heart.
Jake I hope to meet you someday as there aren't many of us old and experienced (11) GSP's running the chukar hills and making it easy for our "big guys" to fill their vests. Pearl "the old bitch as my mom the big gal calls me"