Friday, November 30, 2018

Another upland hunter hooked

I met another upland hunter this summer who had just purchased a pup GSP and seemed pretty excited about her. Sage was about the same age as Grady and the two of them had a ball playing and searching out the area for new smells.

 Quinn Inwards sent me a short text the other day telling me how his season has progressed and it sounds like he must be doing the right things and Sage is on her way to becoming a great upland dog. She is holding point and had some great retrieves he says.

I think Quinn has been hooked by Sage. Obviously they are having a ball together because they already have 26 hunts recorded. We all know that time in the field is what makes good bird dogs and Quinn is spending a lot of quality time there.

I'm hoping to maybe get out a time or two with Quinn and watching Sage work.

Congratulations Quinn and thanks for the photo's.

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