Sunday, December 2, 2018

First snow hunt

Once again I have forgotten how to do this stuff, but this was part of some video's I took of Conner and his buddy, Carson on a chukar hunt. I have learned that to get some decent footage you have to be back aways and able to zoom when needed. Obviously it would help to be on the opposite ridge where you could see everything but that's hard when the dogs are hunting for me even though I don't have a gun.

First three clips are of Jake on point with Grady honoring but you never get to see Jake. Both boys got some shots and Conner hit one that flew quite a ways. Conner takes the dogs down to find the bird and comes back showing his success.

Next is a point and honor with both boys moving into the thick cover. Both dogs relocate and Conner calls Carson over to Jake's point which he hustles over to. My impatience has me turning off the camera when I see Grady moving and just before the camera turns off you see the birds flushing but miss the boys getting a chukar each.

The next clip is a point and honor with the boys heading down to the dog's and I inadvertently hit the record switch to off and missed the action. Running the camera is no fun.

The next clip has the boys walking past a Grady point thinking he was honoring Jake (you have to look hard but you can see Grady's point) and then Carson spinning around as the bird flushes. Then the main Covey flushed with Conner dropping one and wounding the second and Carson finished him.

The last clip is the boys moving in on the dogs as they pointed a covey of chukar. Once again I missed the flush and shooting while moving to get a better angle but I kept this video to point out how the boys kept their guns (excuse me, my Browning over and unders) aimed in good directions as they slid on the hill approaching the birds.

All in all I got 35 minutes of footage and most doesn't show the action because of my lack of positioning and patience. I picked out these short clips so I could brag about my dogs and also point out what fine hunters these two 16 year olds have become.

They ended up with 9 chukars between them and decided they wanted to go jump shooting ducks today. That was fine with me. Getting soaked once is enough for me.

P.S. The boys came home from their hunt today with some pictures. Here is an example of how much fun they had and no they didn't have hip waders, just hiking boots.


Anonymous said...

good efforts on filming the boys. They are very effective in the snow.Hard going in that snow.They work well with each other and the dogs. I missed you again when you came by,we were hunting again.Worked awful hard for one hun.The birds got up way in front of Gracie when I approached.I keep learning.I heard you got a picture of Mays. he is a GSP monster,with papers too.Thanks for sharing.Hope to catch you next time you stop by. Alan,Mays,and the Setter.

Tuckers Chukars said...

Mays is a stud. I wish I'd seen him five years ago. I wouldn't worry about Grizzlies with him out front.