Thursday, May 30, 2019

Baby season has begun

I'm sure everyone expected to see baby upland birds on this post but thankfully they haven't begun to hatch quite yet. I say thankfully because the amount of rain we got the last week would have caused fatal effects on chicks.

My observations show that turkey's are the first to hatch followed shortly by the rest of the upland birds with quail trailing the hatch. Yesterday we found two turkey nest on our hike and both were still sitting on by the hens. I know there are a few that think the dogs and I should stay away from the upland birds and other babies this time of the year but to my knowledge I don't believe we have ever caused any harm.

This first nest was a perfect example. This first picture is Grady pointing into the thick brush.
When I moved in a hen turkey ran off but not too far. I looked into the heavy cover and found a nest with nine eggs,
The dogs and I left the area and came back a couple of hours later. I whoa'd the dogs and moved in and took this picture.
She nervously stayed on the nest and I backed out to resume our hike.
Here is nest two with a count of 8 eggs. 
One of the nests is only a 15 minute hike to, so I'm going to try and check every other day and see what the hatch day is for curiosity sake.

The big game has begun having their babies and by the amount of lone cow elk and does I'd say the next two weeks will have much new life on the hills. Here's some pics of new life on the mountain.

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Greg said...

With the precip there should be no shortage of cover this year so if the rain tapers off the chicks may do well. My dogs are still stuck finding balls and dummies.