Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Chukar memories


Made this short video today as the boys and I sat by the fire and looked at past and current pictures and videos. I'm just practicing for the day that I get some really good stuff. Filming good dog work in chukar country is hard. You very seldom get to see them lock up on point. You just know it happens and you get there. I've got literally hundreds of pointing pictures and retrieving pictures but very little video that shows the good dog work my boys do. Also, since I usually hunt alone, it's impossible to get a video of the dog pointing and me shooting a bird off the flush. Maybe I'll get that figured out one day but until then I'll just keep recording my memories.

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Anonymous said...

Nice video Larry. I have a go pro but I never use it.As bad as my shooting has been it would be too distracting to mess with it while hunting. I enjoy watching nature while out in the hills as well. My favorite memories are of my dogs past and present. There are the days when the dog and I work as a team and a lot of communication goes on when we glance at each other when coming across the elusive birds.Lots of season left. Thanks for sharing!
Alan and the setter