Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My dogs are not only hunting companions, but companions wherever I go. Although they have kennels and stay in them at times, they are welcome in the house, office, 5th wheel, and in my truck as long as they mind their manners.

I prefer to get my dogs as puppies so as to bond with them at the earliest possible time. When not involved with my family or business, I try to spend as much time with the puppy as possible. I feel the more quality time spent, the more the pup will learn to trust and depend on me. I have a few friends that have gotten hunting dogs at six months or older. They are fine hunting dogs, but they really don't care which person they're hunting for.

I also have buddies whose dogs are in kennels or kenneled yards and not allowed in the house or vehicles. Their dogs are socialized every bit as well as mine. That's just a preference thing. They love their dogs just as much as I do mine.

I hunt a lot by myself so putting them in the backseat is more comfortable for them. When someone else is along and there is not room for the dogs in the truck, they ride in their kennels.

The more time you spend with your canine partner, the more in tune you will be with him or her. They learn to trust you and you trust them. While hunting they will try to keep some type of contact with you. My dogs, even though they get out three hundred yards when conditions are right, will check in. If they go on point then they trust me to get to them.

As the alpha dog I have to remember that they do depend on me and when we are walking or hunting don't make any sudden changes in direction unless they are aware of it.

It's pretty simple. Let them know what you expect of them, and don't over expect, and with consistency they will comply because you are their leader.


Anonymous said...

Raising chukars is great. Do they become tame so kids actually play with them like chickens? I am a teacher and have incubators at school. I am contemplating chickens or chukars.

larry szurgot said...

I think chickens might be a little easier to raise, but I know that you can raise chukars as a pet. A taxidermist in Garden city had a chukar that had the run of his studio. The chukar would sometimes fly up on the desk to get your attention. The front door was left open at times and the chukar never tried to venture outside. He slept in a shoe box at night. I personally enjoy chukar sounds better than chicken.