Thursday, January 7, 2010

You gotta believe

Tom Thorpe and I were always very competitive. We ran track together at Boise State College. Before he died of cancer we went on many fishing and hunting trips together. I remember one particular fishing trip in Alaska. The kings hadn't started their run yet and the fishing was slow. Tom kept telling me "you gotta believe". It wasn't long and I hooked a 45 pounder that took over an hour to land. I take Toms words with me in whatever I do.
It's the same when it comes to chukar hunting. If you go at it in a negative way, your hunt will more likely be negative also. I like to think of it as being a little arrogant. Take sports figures, they are arrogant, but they usually back there arrogance with performance. When I go on a hunt I know I'm going to find birds. I have the best dog and I have done my scouting. If I let my dog do his thing he will find the birds because that is what he does. Sure he's going to bump some birds. He is not perfect. Just as Michael Jordan can miss a basketball shot, my dog can come in on the birds with the wind wrong. The next covey may be a solid point or he might bust this bunch. Either way I keep my mouth shut and move on because I believe my dog is doing the best he can. Things will eventually turn my way. When I approach a pointing dog I know I'm going to make a good shot. Once again it doesn't always happen, but I guarantee it will almost never be a hit if you walk up thinking "I'm just gonna miss again." When I do miss I let go and look forward to the next shot knowing I will redeem myself. I know this because I practiced before the season and even at sporting clays I miss but I always come back.
Chukar hunting is like anything else in life. If your going to be good at it you gotta believe. I may get skunked today but it was just bad day. The next trip is going to be the thriller. And what a trip you're going to have making it happen. Just you, your dog, a shot gun and a chukar. It's that simple. Now make it happen.


Huntsbirds said...

You are doing a great job with this blog, Larry. I really enjoy reading it!

Huntsbirds said...

How do you care for the birds you shoot? Pluck or skin? I can't imagine that you would only breast them out.

karl said...

Nice Larry. Very nice.

larry szurgot said...

There are times when I do only breast them but I always skin them. My wife has several different recipes. We even have a great jerky recipe. It's great to have a baggie of jerky on the hill to chomp on when taking a break. The legs make good small pieces of jerky. A little tough but you enjoy it longer.

The Noisy Plume said...

I just found this blog tonight on Upland Idaho and loved reading it. Thank you. My GSP Farley and I are headed to the chukar hills tomorow and this blog was just the motivation we needed. Thanks again