Monday, February 1, 2010


This was the last weekend for chukar hunters here in Idaho and Oregon. We got to end it with a surprise from the Idaho Fish and Game Commission. Friday, the 29 of January, a news article came out saying the season n Idaho was moved to Oct. 1 instead of the usual September opener. Also, the limit on chukars was to be cut from 8 to 6 birds. This decision was made by the commissioners and not by the game biologist for the fish and game. I have my own personal feelings about these changes, but that is not what bothers me. What bothers me is the way that they came up with that decision.
Personally I have been fairly happy with the regulations the fish and game puts on us to protect our wildlife and enhance our hunting opportunities. But those decisions come with biological information from game biologist. These changes in the upland game season came with no help from the game biologist. The commissioners made this decision from complaints they had received over the phone about the low chukar populations. It doesn't take a lot of reading and research to find what actually promotes the population growth of chukars. But that is not the issue we're facing here. The issue is how the public, or chukar hunters in this case, were not informed.
Whenever an issue like this comes up it is the duty of our commissioners to inform the public to get input. No one knew of this on the upcoming fish and game meeting agenda until after they made the decision. I am involved in a great group of people on the UPLAND IDAHO forum and there has been a lot of discussion on this subject today. Most of the people on this forum hunted upland game from five to 75 times this season. It seems to me that these people have a little more input to provide than those who went out two or three times, didn't see many birds, so quit hunting and complained to the fish and game that there were no birds. They may have even been right, but they sure weren't hunting this side of the state.
The decision might have been the same no matter what. Had they come up with this decision the right way, I would have no problem with it. Sometimes I feel that the government knocks the hard working people to their knees so that those who are a little lazier can catch up. I know a lot of people may not feel that way and you're entitled to your thoughts also.
Please no matter what your feelings, don't let the commissioners and any other government agency get away with this. It seems like the commissioners are catering to a select few instead of all of the upland bird hunters. Get involved, even if you don't believe in my views. If you don't get involved, someday they may take something away from you that strikes home. They owe us to at least give a voice. Give your commissioners a call and let them know how you feel about this issue.
With that all being said, I'm sorry to all of you chukar/hun hunters out there that are going into withdrawals since the season closed yesterday. Give yourself a weeks break and than get back out there with your dogs and take pictures and work on a few of those flaws the dog may have developed. You and your dog will both appreciate it.


Karl said...

You and I have the same complaint...the process.

karl said...

My heart goes out to you and Barbara. My best wishes as you go through this process.