Thursday, June 16, 2011

Still looking good.

Went out with Riley to one of my favorite chukar spots and was pretty happy with what I saw. We saw no fewer than 20 different pair of chukars and one pair of huns. We didn't find any babies yet and couldn't find the nests. Most of the birds didn't fly far and by the way Riley did a lot of relocating, the birds were leading him away from the nesting area. The other positive sign was no birds were talking. With the number of birds we saw you would think they would be chatting some. Until the little ones are big enough for their first flight chukars don't talk as much. They, like other wild life don't want to attract attention to their nest or young ones. After their initial flight they start talking much more and forming bigger groups.
The really interesting fact is what my records show. The last time it was this late before I saw my first chukar chick was 2005. It was a great chukar year.
Also of interest. Lot's of insects out there.


Greg M said...

Thanks for sharing your field observations. Although I have spent off/on 40+ years chasing chukars, your insights on delayed hatching due to cool weather has been enlightening.

larry szurgot said...

Thanks Greg. I was out in a different area today and only saw singles as far as huns and chukars. If I'm right the other half of the pair is guarding some new ones or a nest ready to hatch. Also I found some hen turkeys with little ones that weren't over a week old. Keep your fingers crossed.

Greg M said...

Sounds good.....I can hardly wait for your next report that you have seen broods of a dozen little fuzzballs.