Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A grand day

Yesterday my son in law (Nick) and grandson came to watch me and Riley play. What a great treat. Nick was the photographer so I don't have any pics of him, but here is one of several series of pictures he took.
Conner and I moving in on Riley's point.
They both dropped right over that hill. I rarely get doubles with an audience.

Hanging out while Riley makes the retrieve.
After Riley retrieves the first bird, Conner goes down to help him find number two. It's around here some place.

Conner, you're pointing me in the wrong direction. It's right here.

Here Riley, let me pack this one.
Hey, Opa, this one is pretty big.

What a grand day for grandpa. (Opa)
At the end of the day Riley and Conner get some rest for tomorrow.


jc said...

Fantastic!!! Looks like a true chukar hunter in the making. When do Nick and Conner get their first dog?
; )

larry szurgot said...

They got a yellow lab about six months ago. They figured a lab is a little more calm than a GSP. I've had her up here with the boys a few times. Calm. WRONG

Greg M said...

Those grandkids are going to be labled "wierd" by their friends for liking chukar hunting better than video games.....good for you Larry for getting them up the hill. We missed the bighorn canyon when year for sure. I am down here in so arizona.....did ok on gambels up north AZ but mearns are so bad again this year i have a 3 bird/day personal limit and try for males only.....will shift some energy on deer on 1/1/12. Have a good jan Larry as i am sure you will....greg m

larry szurgot said...

Thanks Greg. You do the same.